Clear Choice prides itself for offering the best synthetic urine products and accessories in the market.

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Practice Kit

Our synthetic urine Practice Kit comes with a 3oz mixing container, spout cap, heat pad, heat activator powder and easy-to-read temperature strip.Prank with confidence by practicing first with the new...
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Stash Leg Belt

The Stash Leg Belt is the perfect accessory to hold and conceal your bottle of synthetic urine with confidence. You never have to worry about being exposed or your bottle...
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Stash Boxers

The Stash Boxers are an ideal accessory for a festival or rave!! These undies are as comfortable as your own underwear. Specially designed they have a dedicated front, inside pocket...
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Single Panel Home Test Kit THC

One of the more popular methods, according to feedback, is the practice of marijuana /THC testing at home to determine their detox preparation & progress.Urinalysis Drug Test Panel Kit Product...
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Five Panel Home Test Kit

Simple one step multi-panel test that accurately detects drug metabolites. • Accurately Detects Drug Metabolites• Reliable Results Within Minutes• Simultaneously tests for marijuana, cocaine, meth/amphetamines, opiates & PCP
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